Prijenosni CNC stroj za rezanje plazme i automatski stroj za rezanje plina sa čeličnom gusjenicom

Quick description

Delivery Time: 20 days
Cutting Way: Plasma Cutting and Gas Cutting machine
Softver za gniježđenje: Fastcam
Cutting Gas: Oxygen + Acetylene or Propane
Napon: AC220V
Raspon rezanja: 1500 * 3000mm
Cutting speed: 0-2000mm/min
Specification: 3180*500*250mm
Certification: ISO CE
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Cijena: Dogovor
Packaging Details: Export Packaging


Opis proizvoda

The automated cutting machine support plasma cutting and gas cutting. CNC stroj za rezanje plazme can be used to cut a variety of metal material which is difficult for gas cutting,it has very obvious cutting effects specially for non-ferrous metal such as stainless steel,'s main advantage is its amazing speed when cut light steel plate,can be 5 or 6 times faster than gas cutting for ordinary carbon steel sheet,with smooth and thinner kerf and smaller thermal warping.almost no heat-affected area.

This cnc plasma cutting machine is a digital program controlled modern cutting equipment, in addition to the automation of cutting operations, it also has High cutting precision, high material utilization, high production efficiency. CNC cutting machine is being more and more widely used in the production process with its good man-machine dialogue interface, a strong support function.

Tehnički parametar

ProizvodPortable CNC plasma flame or gas cutting machine
Ulazni naponAC 220V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz
Učinkovita širina rezanja≤1500mm
Učinkovita duljina rezanja≤7500mm
Način rezanjaPlameno rezanje / rezanje plazmom
Motorni stilStepers motor
Način vožnjejedan strani
Debljina plinskog rezanja5-150mm
Debljina rezanja plazmomOvisi o izvoru plazme
Brzina rezanja10-6000mm / min
Radna preciznost± 0,3 mm / metar
Rezanje plinaOxygen + Acetylene/ Propane
Kontrola visine baklje
Za rezanje plamenom
Upravljani električnim pogonom
Zaslon7"LCD colorful screen
Softver za gniježđenje (program)FASTCAM
Opcijaouter or built-in Plasma torch height controller (THC)



1.Cut any complicated plane figure.
2.Effective cutting range(X,Y) 7500*1500mm.
3.Freely swithching in English,Russian,French,Portuguese,Spanish etc,for CNC control system.
4.Storing oer 1000 program files to be cut.



1.Long life,main parts all use well-known brand.
2.High precision,efficiently,quality performance.
3.Portable CNC system,small volume,light weight,easy to be moved,not occupy a fixed space.