Mašina za rezanje plazma plazma 3mx8m
Osnovne informacije

Model NO.: 3MX8M
Cutting Gas: Oxygen + Acetylene or Propane
CNC System: Beijing Start CNC
Motor and Driver: Stepper&Nbsp;Motor and Driver
Software: Fastcam Software
Moving Precision: 0.01mm Per Step
Drive Mode: Linear Guide and Rack Gear
Cutter Torch Cooling Method: Air Cooling or Water Cooling
Current: 30-400A Plasma Cutter Source
Lead Time: 7 Days
Nest Software: Fastcam
Specification: 3000X8000MM



1.Allwelded structure, Y,X axis with rack and linear guide drive,Z axis with electric automatic lifting,to assure cutting speed and quality.
2. Machine with lubrication system, auto fume extraction system and dust proof. 3.The set-up is very simple, all kinds of CAD graphics can be read directly by our system trough U-disk.The software can be edict graphics automatically.
4.Collocated Udisk interface and cutting code auto converting software for CAD drawing ,CAD drawing can be input directly into the cutter through U-disk.
5.Savjeti za svaku operaciju prikazuju se na ekranu u bilo kojem trenutku, tako da operatori mogu koristiti naš sustav bez osposobljavanja ili čitanja uputa.
6.Spremljene indikatorske lampice za razne prikaze. Dijagnosticiranje kuka jasno je već na prvi pogled, a održavanje je praktično i brzo.
7.There are necessary keys for the movement control in the torch carriage ,so the operator can easily move the torch to the right spot.
8.With break point or interruption of power ,memory function.


Ime Gantry CNC Cutting Machine
Cutting typesOxy-fuelPlazmaOxy-fuel and Plasma
StrukturaGantry, dual drive
Track span & Guide rail3000×6000mm
Effective cutting size2400×4500mm
PrijenosLongitudinal and Transversal main trolleys: rack &  pinion                      Transversal slave trolley: steel belt
Tube TransmissionTransversal: Industrial plastic drag chain;

Longitudinal: Hanging pulleys or earthing drag chain

Debljina rezanja6-150 mm mild steel


2-40mm mild steel, SS, Brass, Aluminum, etc.(Depends on plasma  capacity)Oxy-fuel 6-150 mm;

Plasma: depends on plasma capacity;

Torch No.1 (2 is option)1 (2 is option)2
Torch height control(THC)Motorized torch control (CAP auto THC is option)Arc voltage auto THC


Arc voltage auto THC for plasma cutting

Motorized torch control for oxy-fuel cutting