CNC stroj za rezanje cijevi od nehrđajućeg čelika

Brzi detalji

Stanje: Novo
Napon: AC220 / 50
Nazivna snaga: 200W
Dimension(L*W*H): 850*500*450mm
Weight: 50kgs
Certifikacija: CE
Jamstvo: 1 godina za cijeli stroj
Dostavna usluga: Inženjeri dostupni za servisiranje strojeva u inozemstvu
Machine Type: CNC plasma/flame cutting machine
Materijal za rezanje: Metal nehrđajući čelik, aluminij
Cutting thickness: 0.3--12mm
Cutting length: 12m
Diameter if pipe: 19-120mm (>120mm can be customized)
Color: white, or customise
Control system: CNC controller


Functions of machine

At present, pipe intersection line cutting is widely used into many industries such as steel structure engineering, stainless steel handrails, railings, pipeline engineering, ship outfittings, highway gantry, cloth rack, stage truss, large playground, sports facilities, stainless steel furniture, bicycle frame, motorcycle frame, automobile frame, medical device, etc.

Dimension error of workpiece is too large which is cut by hand. It requires grinding after that. It usually causes low efficiency, high costs and poor welding quality. The traditional arc cutting machine is large and expensive. It needs to change molds frequently and it's limited to cut steel pipe below 60mm dia.. Also there is no beveling on the arc mouth, causing lack of beauty of welding surface appearance and also lack of firmness of welding.

CBW100 pipe intersection cutting machine/ arc cutting machine solves the problems resulted from traditional cutting. It's capable to cut flat, arc and groove, works fast (The fastest cutting speed can be only 3 seconds whether it is flat or arc). It can cut arc at any angle accurately without molds, easy operation, simple programming, durable and smooth incision.



Način rezanjaPlazma
Ulazni napon220V
Cutting Tube Outer Diameter19~120MM
Debljina rezanja0.3~12mm
The fastest cutting speed3 s/r
Workpiece's maximum cutting length12m
Supporting machinePlasma cutting machine, Air compressor
Primjenjivi materijalSS/steel pipe and other metal pipe



1. High efficiency. The fastest cutting speed can be only 3 seconds whether it is flat or arc

2. Compact with multi-functions. It's capable to cut flat, arc and groove in one machine

3. Easy operation, simple programming, no complicated calculation

4. No need mold, no special maintenance

5. Smooth incision with beveling for welding, strong welding

6. Durable; It lasts for 3-5years in normal use